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Published on August 3rd, 2009 | by Mike


Top 7 best computer chairs – for home and office use

I’m sure most of you reading this article right now spend lots of hours sitting in a chair, in front of the computer. Either at home or at the office. Since i work in the online business, i have a similar problem, as i spend from 8 to 12 hours in such a chair every work day. And i started having back problems, although i’m just 24 years old. I don’t even want to thing how I’ll feel in ten years time.  And I’m sure I’m only one of the many with similar symptoms.

So, since these days I’ve spent some time online trying to find a replacement for my home computer chair, I’ll share with you my list of findings in a top 7 with the best computer chairs on the market. Chairs that you can use both at home, while working or gaming, and in the everyday office.

Top 7 best computer chairs

Top 7 best computer chairs

I tried to pick only the more or less ergonomic and adjustable chairs that can ensure a good healthy position while working on the computer, but also i looked for quality, design and aspect. Thus, the prices are not very low, but most still affordable considering that such a chair can easily last for 3-4 years in normal conditions (and some come with 10-12 years warranty).

Number 7 – the standard leather chair

This one is the standard leather chair you’ll find in most offices and is similar to the one I’m sitting on right now. They’re not bad. Actually, they’re quite comfortable and pretty OK built, although the materials quality is only medium. They have a high back with passive lumbar support and can be adjusted by height. But you can only adjust that much.

The standard adjustable leather chair

The standard adjustable leather chair

These chair are OK for a standard person, not too tall and not to heavy. I for one am kind of tall though and this chair won’t give me any kind of head rest support, thus my neck always strays in an uncomfortable position.

Still, i recommend this standard leather chair for those not willing to spend much money (it’s very cheap here, only $55, although the original retail price is around $200) and for those planning to replace their standard chair with an adjustable one. But still, this chair ain’t enough for me.

Number 6 – Ergonomic kneeling chair with high back ( more details)

Kneeling chair

Kneeling chair

I’m not really a fan kneeling chairs as i consider the position they provide at least strange. It’s not uncomfortable, but… not that comfortable either. At least in my case. But i still included an ergonomic kneeling chair in this list, just in case I couldn’t find anything better.

This ergonomic kneeling chair comes with wheels and is made of stainless steel and black fabric. Has a high back, height and angle adjustable and also a height adjustable seat . It is ergonomic (ANSI/BIFMA standards compliant) and provides a correct position if adjusted properly, but as i said, it’s weird and i don’t see myself spending 10 hours a day kneeling in front of my desk 😛

Price and overall quality are good though, so if you’re into such types of chairs, you should give this one a try.

Number 5 – Pyramat Wireless Gaming Chair

Pyromat gaming chair

Pyramat gaming chair

This chair is a little more out of the ordinary, as it focuses on providing a good gaming experience. It’s an office chair with a 2.1 integrated sound system (2 full range speakers+subwoofer). It has a wireless transmitter that connects to the PC and sends the sound to the chair and is fully compatible with PCs, iPods and other Mp3 players, all the known gaming consoles and TVs or DVD players. There’s also a wireless controller on the left armrest so you can adjust the audio experience very easily.

The Pyramat requires to be connected to the power line but also has a rechargeable battery that can provide up to 5 hours of juice.

So, everything sounds good, even the price of $179 ain’t that high. Sound quality and power is OK and the chair is pretty comfortable. But i can’t say it’s an ergonomic chair as it provides no adjustments for its parts (except seat hight). And also, i for one am not such a big fan of such combos and don’t even see their purpose: I’d better have a good chair and a good sound system than something that combines the two. But if you want a computer chair that could enhance your gaming experience, this Pyramat Wireless Gaming Chair is surely worth taking a look at.

Number 4 – the adjustable ergonomic chair (discount available)

The adjustable ergonomic chair

The adjustable ergonomic chair

As we reach the middle of our list we find the computer chair with the best price/performances rapport. Because what we have here is a fully adjustable ergonomic chair that allows you to change the height of the seat and the back. It has a system with 3 paddles that would also allow you to adjust the tilt and the angle of the back seat, plus a tilt tension control mechanism . Even the Polyurethane Padded arm rests are adjustable too.

So, this chair will allow you to configure it almost as much as you want to. Especially if you consider that the price tag of just around $120 won’t put it in the higher league of sophisticated ergonomic chairs you’ll see in this list below. And that’s because this chair doesn’t use fancy materials, it has a steel frame and a black and white upholstery .

So, there’s no leather on this one and no fancy looks. So it might not fit all the modernist offices, but with a price that good and so many adjustable parts, I’d love to have one of those in my office. Still, not sure if I’d pick it for back home though, as there are better options (but with a higher price tag).

Number 3 – Ergo Star Saturn ergonomic chair

Ergo Star Saturn

Ergo Star Saturn

With this one we enter the higher league of chairs that meet almost all the requirements: style, comfort and ergonomics , all with a proper price tag.

So, on the last step of the podium we have this Ergo Star Saturn chair . Like the one above, this one is fully adjustable and offers also adjustable lumbar support and adjustable head rest.

The quality of the materials used is way better though, the frame and base seat being made of aluminum and breathable mash fabric. And this last one is a great plus over the chairs made of leather or standard fabric, because it allows the skin to breath and you won’t sweat that much when using the chair in hotter conditions.

Of course all these come with a higher price tag, but one affordable enough for everyone: $289 .  There’s no price cut for this version and you should hurry up, cause they sell so fast as the stock is now quite low on Amazon (only a couple of pieces left for now). So, if you want a good ergonomic chair for still a decent price, this Ergo Star Saturn is the one for you.

Number 2 – the Steelcase Leap Chair (discounted price – 10 years warranty)

This chair is something everyone one of us would want to have at the office or back home. The “Leap chairs” are well known in the US as they received the Best Overall ERGONOMIC CHAIR distinction from Wall Street Journal . And this says something.

The entire chair is built to follow the curvature of your spine a provide natural and comfortable support. Of course everything is adjustable, but this chair can emulate itself on your body, the back and the seat changing form to adapt to your spine. Studies made by American scientists show that offices using such chairs saw an increase in productivity of up to %18 percents. And that’s something also.And ir oder to fit the design of every office, you can order these chairs in up to 12 different colors.

The producers of the Leap Chairs have such confidence in these products that they offer you 10 years full warranty for them. Also, there’s a 30 days money back guarantee refund policy. So, you can order and test the chair, and if you won’t like it, you can return it in 30 days and you’ll get a full refund, no questions asked.

The Steelcase Leap Chair

The Steelcase Leap Chair

Of course, all these advantages bring the retail price for the leap Chair to about 1100 bucks. On this site you have the chance to buy them online via Amazon for just $800 . Of course, that’s still a high price tag, very high actually. But you can think of such chairs as an investment in your health: a 10 yeas investment actually.

And the winner – the Herman Miller Aeron Chair ( big price cut – 12 years warranty )

Herman Miller Aeron

Herman Miller Aeron

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Herman Miller, the famous exclusive furniture producer. Its products are renowned all over the world for their quality, design , features and durability, and that’s why my best choice computer chair would be the Herman Miller Aeron Chair.

This one is the best ergonomic chair you can buy at the moment, everything being built to provide comfort and relieve pain you would get in ordinary chairs if sitting for hours in them. Of course everything is adjustable on this chair, and the producer makes it in 3 different size options so it can fit the needs of each and every customer.

Unlike the SteelCase Leap chair above, this one uses a mesh fabric for its back and seat. Thus, skins breathes easier and it’s better during the summer season. Also, the technology behind this mesh fabric allows it to distribute presure widely over a larger area, thus being less stressing on some particular parts of your body (like the lower back). So, all these make the Aeron “the most comfortable office chair” in the world, according to a recent survey in the US.

We don’t even have to mention how good are the materials used for this chair and the overall finishes standard. Because they are impeccable. Also, the Aeron uses environmental friendly materials, and we’re glad they care about our future.

Herman Miller Aeron chiar- perhaps the best computer chair money can buy

Herman Miller Aeron chiar- perhaps the best computer chair money can buy

Of course, the best ergonomic computer chair in the world must come with an appropriate price tag: retail prices are around 1200 bucks in stores, but you can get it online from here, via Amazon, for $779 . That’s still a lot of money, but we also have to mention that Herman Miller offer a 12 years full warranty for this product. So if they trust it enough to do that, this chair must really be something.

Final Words on these top computer chairs

All these being said, i still haven’t decided what to buy yet. But i think i will go for one the Aeron (if they’ll deliver it to my country of course). It’s expensive i know, but it provides anything i need. And I’d rather pay more for a good durable product (remember it has 12 years warranty this one) than buy a cheaper chair each 2-3 years that won’t be neither as good or as comfortable.

What do you folks think? Si the Herman Miller Aeron worth it’s money? Or would you choose a different computer chair (not necessary from the ones above) ?


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10 Responses to Top 7 best computer chairs – for home and office use

  1. Kyle Higgins says:

    I can’t believe the HAG Capisco chair wasn’t mentioned. It’s based on the kneeling chair concept, but way more versatile. It’s active sitting for all day that keeps your body moving. It’s way healthier and keeps your blood flowing throughout the day. The old-school knee tilt mechanism in the Aeron doesn’t do that.

  2. Mike says:

    Hmmm, i didn’t spot that one before. I searched for it now though and it seems OK but has a very odd shape. Also, no arm rest and that’s a con considering it’s almost in the same price zone as the Aeron . The materials on it don’t seem that profi also , do they? So, perhaps that’s why i didn’t add it, but if more of you like it, i’ll make an add-on to the original article later today 😛

  3. Jacquelyn says:

    I now have 4 “office/task/computer” chairs in my home office….and I hate 3 of them and tolerate the 4th, for now. With each chair procurement I’ve done my research, but must confess, I’ve allowed my “budget” to impact my decisions and, looking at my 4 chairs, well, I could have purchased the Humanscale Freedom chair I believed was simply too expensive, sigh.

    And so, my quest to find “the perfect chair” is on again and I have 3 dreadful chairs lined up, while I sit in the tolerable 4th chair, in my home office to remind me that $ simply cannot be THE deciding factor for said quest.

    I’m here, like you, trying to figure out which chair to buy, which chair will meet my needs, which chair will not become friends with the 3, soon to be 4, outcasts…and my research and quest keeps leading me back to the Leap chair – a chair I have at work – a chair that has indeed made my long hours at the workplace much more tolerable.

    Two Aeron chairs are part of my workplace and I have to say, I’m not a huge fan. I believe the Aeron’s are better-suited for those who are up and out of their chairs throughout the day as although find the chairs extremely comfortable, I routinely find myself compelled to “fidget” and/or “get up and move around” more frequently – maybe that’s not really a bad thing though 🙂 Also, I’m not thrilled with the imprints the mesh leaves on certain types of materials (e.g., silk blouses and linen slack/skirts).

    The Aerons show the dirt and dust far more than one would expect – even our cleaning staff have made mention of the noticeable dust collection (mainly at the base/back of the seat) and of the “grimy arm rests” that look like they have been coated with a significant film one might see on a heavily used/neglected mouse. However, the two staff who use these chairs don’t complain (both men) so maybe it’s a “girl thing” to take notice of the dirt/dust 🙂

    We, at the workplace, are generally issued the Steelcase Criterion chairs and they are fine – adjustable and comfortable, but the Leap chair, well, it is indeed a “leap above” 🙂 The Leap chair’s “bonus features”, in my book: 1. the “waterfall seat” – the slight slope at the front of the seat alleviates any pressure at the bend of the knees which, in turn, makes for better circulation and, in my case, alleviate all traces of an increasingly painful case of sciatica (which I first developed at the ripe old age of 26): 2. adjustability – I know most people tend to set their chairs into a preferred position and leave it that way – much like most of us do with our automobile seats, however I’ve come to learn it’s worthwhile to make routine adjustments, especially for those of us who routinely change our shoe heal height – wearing 3″ heals versus wearing “flats” to the office makes a difference on how I fit in my beloved Leap chair, so I adjust not only the height, but so too the seat depth (seat depth adjustability, my number one must have on any chair); and 3. construction/quality – the Leap, like the Criterion, is made for heavy use and holds up exceptionally well (as has our Aeron chairs) – nary a problem with the levels and adjustment efforts, the material is nearly indestructible (side note – we purchased, unknowingly, two “refurbished” Leap chairs and it was NOT worth the $200 per chair savings, the materials were simply not up to par with Steelcase and the workmanship was noticeably “refurb-looking”) and the Leap fabric doesn’t snag (I’ve snagged a watch band and a bracelet in the Aeron chairs), stands up to spills (e.g. bottled water, coffee was “repelled”, but did take a bit of cleaning solution to ensure completely cleaned) and doesn’t seem to “collect” dust like the Aeron chairs.

    Cons on the Leap: 1. my chair is in black fabric and shows the “dirt” on the top of the chair – I have very long hair which routinely is against the seat back, thus despite the fact I know my hair is clean, the natural oils and/or the product I use on my hair ends up being a bit noticeable on the upper seat back – but also believe the upper seat back “appearance” is affected simply because it’s where I grip the chair to pull it away from my desk and/or move it around; 2. although I love the multiple arm adjustments, I routinely find my hair is caught between the back of the armrest and the side of the chair to the point I can’t get up from the chair – while generally entertaining to my colleagues, it’s annoying and often painful.

    Spending $800-$1000 still seems somewhat outrageous to me, especially for my home office, however I am left to ponder “what price comfort, what price health, what price happiness?” and as I gaze as the bevy of detested chairs around me, well……common sense prevails and as I write this I suspect my biggest challenge is really “what color Leap chair shall I buy?”.

  4. Mike says:

    Jacquelyn, thanks for the huge reply .

    I too was a little bothered by the imprints the Aeron might leaves on my shirts and t-shirts, but i really hate non-mesh chairs during the summer, as although I’m skinny, i tend to sweat and stick to the chair. And that’s a really uncomfortable feeling.

    I’d love if the folks at my job would provide us with such chairs. Unfortunately they don;t care that much about out health :)) So, if they were to spend 1000 bucks on a chair for me , i would be the happiest man on earth. But since i look for such chairs for back home and i have to spend those money myself… well, that doesn’t make me too happy. But still, I’d rather pay now than damage my back…

  5. Kim says:

    Good Read..Just dont buy them cheap-O chairs, your back is very important and paying a little more for a good chair is worth every penny.

  6. Johnny says:

    Mine is exactly as number 2. Bought it about a year ago and it’s very comfortable.

    P.S. The computer chair plays an important role in your internet marketing career ;). Believe it or not, my productivity increased ever since I bought a new comfortbale chair 🙂



  7. makati says:

    The Herman Miller Aeron looks great, very elegant. That would be perfect for an executive’s master chair in the office. Pyramat Gaming Chair on the other hand looks sleek and comfortable. I imagine sitting on that chair while playing Heroes of Newerth. I can OWN the game! 🙂

  8. Multi Grooves says:

    I’m here because I’m also having problems finding a suitable chair that will allow me to sit and work very comfortably for hours. I also have back issues. For me the Herman Millers are very overrated. They tend to look shabby after reasonable use. Offer little or no lumber support and don’t look all that. I do not find them very comfortable at all. Yet on the second hand market they fly off the shelf.

    The best I have ever tried was by Vitra called, ‘the headline’. I have a big dip in the curvature of my lower back, which, this chair fully supports. Where it wins is thanks to the continuously self adjusting lumber support. As you recline it moves the lumber support to where you need it. Plus it comes standard with a headrest- not a costly upgrade. It also works even when you’re reclined to keep your head where it needs to be, supported, facing the screen. This is an epic win for me.

    The next one worth looking at is the Intershul ‘Famos’. A great chair offering huge amount of optional extras (too many to mention all of them here) including a reebok pump-like system for the lumber. The leather version looks a class above, too.

    Remember it is a very personal thing. No matter how good the ebay entry looks you will never know unless you’ve sat in it!

  9. Glen says:

    Hello! I know this thread is a couple years old but I am wondering if anyone could tell me if the pyramat 2.1 gaming chair is still available for purchase. I like that it has a 5 wheel base, makes it easier for sweeping the floor. The price is within my range and I hate the “pleather” of other chairs. I have searched everywhere for this chair online but seems to be unavailable anymore. Is there another like it?

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