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Top 10 computer chairs – best ergonomic modern computer chairs

Most of us spend a lot of time in front of the computer, whether it’s on the office or at home. That’s why it is very important to have a decent ergonomic chair, if you don’t want to end up like the Hunchback of Notre-Dame

So, i thought it would be great to make a top of the best computer chairs (modern, ergonomic or gaming chairs) you can find on the Web, and after a couple of hours of work, here it is. Hope you’ll enjoy it 😉

———— Important update ————

Some of you folks ending on this page mumbled about the fact that the chairs presented on this top are mostly concepts and SF stuff. Thus, I’ve also put together another list of very good computer and office chairs available these days, with more affordable prices also. By clicking this link you can access this list of “normal”  computer chairs .

Number 10 – Vitra Headline fashion chair

This chair was included in our top for its incredible looks. Being a creation of Mario and Claudio Bellini, the Vitra headline looks like it was made out of just two parts: the seat and the back that includes the head rest.

Vitra Headline fashoin chairVitra Headline fashoin chair

The accent was put on aesthetics and ergonomics, the chair having an innovative backrest construction that relieves the spine and allow you to relax, while working on your PC. With this new support for head, neck and back, you won’t get tired anymore, so that’s why the chair should be recommended to those people spending a lot of time in their offices.

And, to make everything perfect, I would accompany the Headline with a matching computer, probably one of the latest Apple MacBook Pro notebooks.

Number 9 – Kneelsit swivel-chair

Kneelsit is a groundbreaking computer chair, well received by the public and appreciated by scientific and medical groups for it’s ergonomic properties.

Kneelsit has some kind of swivel-axe mechanism that makes it superior to other chairs, allowing you to sit comfortably for hours. The producers claim that whenever you use this chair, you will be comfortably balanced and have a good posture, keeping your spine health.


Besides the ergonomic aspect, the Kneelsit also is durable and stylish. The soft black leather upholstery, together with the steel frame, assures us that this chair is both comfortable and durable. And it would better be, cause it costs around 750 euros for the European market (800 $ for US).

Personally, I found it odd. It’s a little bizarre to sit before your computer virtually in your knees, don’t you think? But, I must agree I haven’t really seen or tried one of this things in real life, and from what other people say I must give it some well deserved credit.

Number 8 – the BMW side-seat

This one is a little old, but still pretty expressive, as it is hand made by this guy and it didn’t cost a fortune. Like many of us, he used to spend a lot of time in front of his PC and needed a comfortable chair. So, he decided to make it from scratch.

BMW seat chairBMW seat chair

The centerpiece of the project is a beautiful passenger-side seat from a BMW car, that he found in a Junkyard. Coming from a luxury car, the seat has lots of electrics, including buttons for adjusting it for the ultimate comfort. This piece of jewelry was placed on a piece on plank-wood and screwed tight to it. And that’s it. You just place it in front of your desk. I agree, maybe it’s not the best looking chair ever or the easiest to move around, but I’m sure it’s comfortable.

Number 7 – Ultimate Shiatsu Massage Chair

I admit, this one is more an office chair than a computer one, but since most of us have a PC on our word-desk, I squeezed it in.

Shiatsu massage chair

Like it’s name says, Shiatsu is the ultimate massage chair, a premium quality product, as it’s price (2700 $ ) shows. On the outside, this chair looks pretty fancy, all covered up in synthetic leather. But what’s inside is the most important part. A lot of types of massage programs can be selected from the LCD hand control, including therapeutic soothing Shiatsu, Swedish massage, air and vibration massage with various speed/intensity adjustments, full body stretch, etc. The advanced body-scan technology also allows each user to create it’s personalized massage program, thus fulfilling even the most exclusive tastes.

Number 6 – self adjusting chair concept>

The body posture has become a big issue among people working in offices all day long, that’s why a chair like Aeron’s concept, that can self-calibrate its back and seat in order to provide comfort and a healthy position for every person sitting in it, would be more than welcomed in out lives.

Self adjusting chair

This chair actually meets the human tendency towards laziness, cause every adjustment will be made automatically. Actually, the panels of this Aeron concept would move together with your body. So, whenever you change position, the chair’s brain would calculate its optimum shape and would execute the necessary changes in just seconds.

This concept is more than great but I can’t imagine which boss would agree to buy this kind of chairs for its employees, as it won’t be a bargain for sure.

Number 5 – iMedia ergonomic chair

What we have here is an ergonomic multimedia chair, brought to us by Empower Technologies. Called iMedia, this product steps in front by integrating and ergonomically designed chair with iPod docking, a 15” TF screen and a 5.1 surround sound system.

iMedia multimedia chair

And it’s not an ordinary sound system, is the Logitech Z-5500, with its 505 Watts RMS raw power. If you ever listened to this piece of engineering, just imagine how it would be to sit on the 10” subwoofer, as the chair also has a system called adjustable tactile transducer (bass shaker), that allows you not only to hear but also to feel the sounds.

The chair also features auxiliary inputs for connecting DVD players or gaming systems, for the ultimate multimedia experience.

Number 4 – Netsurfer

This thing comes all the way from Sweden and it’s called Netsurfer. The semi-reclined seating position has the neck, arms and legs all supported in such a way that it is comfortable for extended periods of Internet, game or computer usage.


The keyboard/mouse tray lifts to allow people sit in the chair. It’s kind of weird though that you have to sit with the computer between your legs? I don’t think female buyers would appreciate it, especially when they’ll wear some short skirts, but their male colleagues would certainly do. That’s of course if they are able to pay 2790 $ for the Netsurfer.

Number 3 – Ultimate Game Chair

The Ultimate Game Chair must be a way to heaven for gamers. Besides being incredibly comfortable, the Ultimate Game Chair also helps you feel like you’re a part of the action via built-in speakers and 12 different vibration motors that are synchronized to the game.

Other features include ground effects lighting, headphone and controller jacks, beverage and remote control holders and probably the most important one, stain-resistant fabric to help keep the chair from becoming Cheetos-orange after a few weeks.

The Ultimate game chairs

The Ultimate Gaming Chair works with the Xbox, the Sony PlayStation 2, and the Nintendo GameCube. You can also play PC games using a USB 2.0 connection, or connect the newer consoles like Xbox 360 and Sony Playstation 3.

The chair can be bought for 399 $ (in US), and that’s not really expensive, considering what it can do and the fact that comes with additional joysticks.

Number 2 – G-Tech Neber chair

The G-Tech Neber ergonomic PC chair reminds me of going to the dentist, as it makes users sit in the same reclining and relaxing position. Not sure how comfortable it will be, but it seems pretty ergonomic and well built.

G-Tech Neber ergonomic

Neber also comes with support for an LCD monitor, for your keyboard and mouse and for the PC. Thus, we’re talking more of a computer desk, but the chair is still the center piece. Surely you won’t find something like this in offices, but could be great for back home.

More pictures can be found here.

Number 1 – PCE Personal Computing Environments

PCE is a radical re-design of the personal workspace, a modular and scalable platform that surrounds you with ultimate ergonomic, computing and entertainment solutions. It turns the idea of a gaming or computer station inside out, making players the comfortable centerpiece of an integrated digital command center, with high performance computing, gaming and entertainment technology at their fingertips.

PCE Personal Computing Enviromments

Full ergonomic adjustability will accommodate any size user
• 4 speaker Surround Sound by Bose (100 watts)
• Panoramic Viewing via Dual 21” flat screens with Vibration isolation construction
• Patented C-spine workstation configuration frees up space in front of the user
• Reclining foot and leg-rest support and elevate the lower legs, improving circulation
Fully adjustable armrests with full neoprene support surfaces for the user result in improved mouse and keyboard use with less injury
• Aircraft Aluminum frame with durable powder-coat finish ensure top quality construction
• Ergonomic chair features memory foam cushioning with gel cell inserts

Ergonomic Benefits:
• The Ergonomics and biomechanics of the human body in relation to the PCE apparatus are optimal and natural.
• The PCE user is in a reclined position with support along the entire body; the torso is supported against the back of the chair with lower back & lumbar support.
• Feet are supported by a stable footrest with an approximate 100-degree bend at the knees.
• Shoulders and upper arms are in-line with the torso, and also supported.
• The head and neck are bent slightly forward, and supported.
• Forearms, wrists, and hands are inline with forearms, 90 degrees to the upper-arm.

So that about with this chairs top. I agree they are not the most conventional chairs and most of them are just sketches we might not seen in practice too soon. But they are still cool, aren’t they?

And of course, you can access this link if you want to see a list of very good but more traditional computer chairs you can get these days.

And while some of the computer chairs on this page can seem a bit unrealistic and unconventional, there are many office chairs available online suited to fit everyone’s budget.


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  1. Colurz says:

    Great collection of computer chairs! But now i have one problem… which one should i take???

  2. Mike says:

    Well, whichever you like. Or you can afford 😛

  3. John Pope says:

    Too bad not all of them are available

  4. Tom Gaede says:

    I would like to add the Verte ergonomic computer chair to be considered as one of the “ultimate top 10 computer chairs.” Details on the Verte computer chair are below.

    Imagine if there was an ergonomic office chair with a self adjusting back? How would this work? Well, the Verte self adjusting office chair has 11 spring loaded vertebrae that automatically and passively adjust in and out, as well as follow your back left and right. This unique adjustability feature provides you with unequaled support that reduces your back pain. Inspired by the human vertebrae, the Verte has started a revolution in seating that takes its shape … from you! With the Verte you basically have a custom tailored ergonomic office chair … every time you move! Introduced in September 2004, the Verte is the original ultimate self adjusting office chair. Imagine your new found comfort, and back support. Imagine no more. We’ve got your back!

  5. Mike says:

    Tom, this chair was actually part of the top 15, but didn’t make it to the finals.

    It’s only my subjective opinion of course, and that doesn’t mean the chair ain’t great 😉

  6. Mike Kupfer says:

    That’s funny. I don’t see my $40 Office Max chair on there…

  7. Mike says:

    Sorry Mike, I’ve must have missed it somehow. My bad 😉

  8. reo says:

    i waaannnnttt the last chairrrr

  9. klixu says:

    netsurfer is actually from finland and not sweden.

  10. mike says:

    You missed one of the greats – the Knoll Life chair. Also the Knoll Chadwick ( Some wild chairs though! Wow!

  11. Chris says:

    Ridiculous, just get a regular desk and a nice comfy computer chair, unless you want to really waster thousands on one of these things that wont really do much except make sure you never get laid

  12. Mike says:

    Klixu: from what i found out, Netsurfer is made by Snowcrash, which seems to be a Swedish company. Hopefully I’m not wrong..

    Mike: Yeah, those chairs look pretty impressive, but i think there are similar models out there. These one are a little more fancier 😉

    Chris: Why not buy the best if you can afford it? And oh, I’m sure some of these chairs can be used for more than just sitting in front of your computer (allusion to you “never get laid” affirmation :P)

  13. Josh says:

    ill take one of each please

  14. [KwZ] says:

    Please note i’m reading this article while sitting in a wooden chair.

  15. Mike says:

    I’m sitting in a wooden chair too. Sux ay? …

  16. christopher says:

    They all look awesome but I have a hard time believing that some of them are actually comfortable.

  17. ergonomic office chairs says:

    The importance of any ergonomic office chair is second to none you don’t have to go quite this far and although the aeron has the "name" there are many other ergonomic chairs out there, The girsberger execelent folio and reflex, Rh ergonomic office chairs have some amazing models, There are also many smaller company’s out there manufacturing some cheaper alternatives, in price but not necessarily in use and function. the important thing is to insure you sit properly for those hours on end even if it’s not in a aeron recliner, it would be nice though

  18. john s says:

    I think I need a new chair, this one is junk and my lower back has been killing me for 3 months. I must have strained it. Good Blog Topic man.

  19. Bre&Sam says:

    these chairs DO NOT look like “office chairs” @ all….and so out of our school’s price range!!

  20. Mike says:

    they are not office chairs. Watch the title, they’re computer chairs.. And i agree, they are expensive, but also you don;t find something like these on your everyday journey…

  21. Ergositter Computer Chair is no.1 says:

    If you want to keep your spine in god health, then there is just one computer chair for you, The Ergositter chair from Sweden! Let me ask you a simple question, can you daily stretch out your spine while you are sitting in your computer chair today? I didn’t think so! Because the Ergositter computer chair is built by the latest back stretching technology Ergositter WO-BPS and it is built in Sweden. The new computer chair gives your spine a possibility to recover by stretching out your spine while you are working or playing computer games. The science behind the Ergositter chair has been published in world leading spine health magazine SPINE and in the world leading ergonomic magazine Ergonomic. The chair keeps your spine in god shape and solves the back problems that you may already have! There is only one problem; you can just order it from Sweden. T

  22. charlie says:

    Not one of them had a cup holder.

  23. blung b. zomg says:

    Hello. I was wondering what the price range is for the computer chairs listed above. Thanks! -Blung

  24. Paul says:

    I would like to send you a picture of my computer chair. I made it myself, all self contained, and it rocks. Not literally. What do you think?

  25. Mike says:

    Sure Paul, please do. USe the contact detail for that. Thanks

  26. Andy Brendtner says:

    Netsurfer worths 2790 $ – my dream, i better start saving money right now :))

  27. Mark Davidson says:

    G-Tech Neber ergonomic PC chair. i was wondering if you know where this chair is made and the cost? thank you in advance for your help.

  28. Fred says:

    Wow! I like that chair. I wish that I can have that computer chair it’s good for my spine to lessen back pains. But I think this can be a very expensive chair. I will visit your website to check for the prize. Nice post.

  29. Ian Trimble says:

    last night i sniffed some airplane glue and got so high that i tried to jack off and use the airplane glue as lube! i pulled my hand off, but now my dick is missing a layer of skin and i have pubes glued all over both hands! I LOOK LIKE A FUCKING WEREWOLF!!!

  30. moratmarit says:

    I like that chair. Thanks for informartion..:)

  31. Spencer says:

    I have two of the BMW Z3 chairs. They are in my car.

  32. AveHurley says:

    I have yet to see a chair that would exercise legs while a person is on a computer, like one that would do a bicycling motion to prevent legs from becoming so sedentary as to develop fluid retention and cellulitis.
    Many disabled home users [as well as working disabled] would benefit greatly from a chair that enabled their legs to be somewhat elevated and allow their legs to be moved in bending and stretching motions, like with some sort of bicycle peddles.Better yet would be ones with electronic settings to allow the person to actually be peddling without giving it added thought and allow them to adjust speeds as well as being able to turn it off in a stretched position that is elevated enough to prevent edema. That is the kind of chair I would look for and wish someone would invent.


    errr, well the second to last one is cool. but wont ur mouse slide off all the time?

  34. TokenBad says:

    I would like just a simple computer chair with a keyboard actually attached that swivels to allow you to have in front of you can recline and have it there. Something that simple would be great for me.

  35. charlotte says:

    why dont you just buy a normal office chair so you dont wast money on these god just buy one of the ones you can adjust the height and backrest it is a good chair cost less than $20

  36. Dan says:

    charlotte I take it you’ve never sat in a quality chair. There’s really no comparison. I too thought how good could these expensive chairs possibly be, until I sat in them.

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