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Best Photoshop custom shapes – over 10000 Photoshop shapes

I’ve been a web applications developer for a couple of years now. I started up as a wannabe designer and then I learned a little bit of programming, SEO, marketing. But i still remember my fist interview, for a junior designer post. I was given the task to create a smart logo + a set of cards for a real estate business. And i was lucky i could use a collection of custom Photoshop shapes to help me create something i considered good enough at the time. It’s the same collection that I’m showing it to you here, with more than 10.000 high quality shapes plus a bonus (more about this later).

But back then i realized that no matter how good a designer is, it will always need help creating masterpieces. And when we’re talking about Photoshop, help comes from packs with extra shapes, brushes, patterns, buttons, vectors, etc . Or in other words, with a collection such of these, of the best Photoshop custom shapes and much more. See the link below or continue reading this post for more details.

The pack I’m presenting here is actually made by a designer far more experienced than I am, Andrew Buckle . He’s been a Photoshop expert for years now and has been creating helpful materials for others since 1996 . Materials many known graphic designers use in their daily activities.  So he’s got quite some experience in this domain. The package we have here, with the 12.000 shapes , is a compilation of his finest Photoshop Shapes gathered during all these years.

It contains heart shapes, edge shapes, radial shapes, zigzag shapes,letters and numbers sphere and spiral shapes, star shapes, frame shapes and lots of others . All these in a bundle with a very good price: $30 . Taken separately, each type of shapes would usually cost you from 5 to 9 dollars (+VAT) if bought separately, so the total value of the bundle is somewhere way beyond $250.


So, this is something, don’t you think? Having the opportunity to buy shapes worth more than 100 bucks for just $30.


But let’s recap. The bundle we offer here is a must have for every designer, because:

    • it contains 12.000 Royalty-free, commercial and hobby work shapes
    • since these shapes are royalty free, you can use them in creating any kind of public designs or websites, etc
    • all these shapes are easy to use and install and they all are resolution free
    • you also get a couple of free bonuses: 2000 gradients + pattern set + styles + 168 PNG files squared set
    • the bundle is compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS4 CS3 CS2 CS1 7 6 + Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
    • the bundle works on any kind of Windows OS (including Windows 7, Vista, XP) and on MacOS 9 and 10
    • the price is pretty good for what this package offers: just 30$ + TAX


The diversity of the products and their quality will allow you yo use these shapes in creating graphic elements for t-shirts, posters, designs, illustrations, books, CDs, websites, etc . Actually, you can use them for anything you want once you’ve bought them, as they are Royalty-free.

Of course, I won’t ask you just to trust me on the quality of the bundle. That’s why I’m going to show you a couple of previews of the shapes you’ll be able to find in the package in the pictures below.

Sample photoshop shapes

Sample photoshop shapes

Sample photoshop shapes

Sample photoshop shapes

Sample photoshop shapes

Sample photoshop shapes

And also, here are a couple of reviews and comments from the folks that acquired this bundle (most of them received via e-mail on this site). You will be able to find more in the comments section at the end of this post.

  • Michel Gainard – ” I’m just an amateur graphic designer… but this shapes…  good job. This is fantastic!! God bless you!”
  • Alistair Carlton – “‘Hey mate, i must say I’m satisfied with this package. I needed help for designing some of my websites and i spotted something interesting in the preview pictures here on your site. So i decided i should give them a try. There really are lots of shapes in this bundle. You can find some useful ones in there, although I don’t consider all of them great. I guess it depends in how good the designer is also to take the best out of these shapes… But I’m glad i bought this, because it really helped. “
  • Ana Karlin – “Hey, nice to see you’re promoting Andrew’s work. We’ve been using some of his products for years on my design studio and all the designers are finding them quite useful . Still, i didn’t buy this package from here, we already had it . “
  • John O’Shea – “Thanks man, this package really saved my life. Great value for its price.”

And there are many more, because like i said, this bundle is a very good deal.

I for one highly recommend all these products because they’ve proved to be useful to me and a couple of my fellow designers. If you have any questions and comments about this bundle with more than 10.000 custom Photoshop shapes + gradients + other bonuses (or the other packages), please don’t hesitate to contact me or use the comments form below.

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    Hello friend. This is so nice collection of shapes. This collection helped me a lot in my project. Thank you.

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