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iPod Touch 4G (4th generation) released – better than ever

I’m a big fan of the iPod Touch, which i consider the best portable multimedia buddy on the market (and is not just me, but millions of others around the world). However, i was kind of disappointed with the latest generations, as I felt they didn’t bring too many new stuff. So disappointed that I in fact give up my iPod Touch for the Zune HD. However, now Apple launched the new generation, iPod Touch 4G, and I’m 99% sure this is a device I will buy. Why? Because it brings so many new features and is so much better than the 3rd gen, and also then any other similar devices on the market.

There are in fact lots of changes. On the outside, they aren’t that easy to spot. However, Apple made the new Touch even slimmer as it now measures 4.4 x 2.3 x 0.28 inches , while the previous generation was 15% thicker, with 0.33 inches in height. The 4th generation iPod Touch is also lighter, as it now weighs 3.56 ounces (half an ounce lighter than before).

Besides that, everything is the same, including front-side design, buttons and connectors placement on the sides, which means you should be able to use all the accessories you had on the older devices, but for cases. Because the new device is slimmer, it won’t fit snug in the older covers, plus it now comes with cameras and those lacked appropriate openings for those. See my post on iPod Touch Cases for a collection of the best such protection accessories for the new player.

iPod Touch 4G - slimmer, lighter and better looking

iPod Touch 4G – slimmer, lighter and better looking

In terms of looks, the new iPod Touch 4G is great as before, as you can see in all the pics here on this post.

However, the real changes are on the inside, and there are tons of them:

  • the screen is as big as before (3.5 inches), however it comes with the 4 time increased resolution: 960 x 640 px . It’s in fact the same Retina Display from the iPhone 4 and it provides amazing image quality (because pixels are so small, everything will look smoother, every animation, every icon, every application ). As some of you guys noticed, that ain’t actually true. The screen keeps the big resolution and the 3.5 inch size, but it’s not the same as on the iPhone, as it does not use IPS technology and provides poorer viewing angles. It is still a decent screen, but It’s not as good as the one on the iPhone. The clip below will better display the differences.
  • there’s faster hardware, based on the Apple A4 processor also found on the 4th generation iPhone, so everything will be snappier on the new Touch, improving your experience with the device
  • there’s new software, the iOS 4.1, which enables new applications and features – for instance you get FaceTime for video calls (this is not a phone, but you can use it for calls vua Wi-Fi or video calls on Skype,etc)
  • there are two cameras: a front-facing VGA one for FaceTime and a rear-facing one for regular shots and videos. It can actually shoot 720p 30 fps clips, but still pictures are only capped at 960 x 720 p (so a measly 0.7 camera is back there)
  • you get the new 3-axis gyroscope for better gaming experience
  • you get 40 hours of audio playtime and up to 7 of video
  • you get tens of different language packs for the UI and menus, plus localized keyboards and dictionaries

All in all, you can say that the iPod Touch 4 is an iPhone 4, only slimmer, lighter and without the actual phone part. Besides those, platform, display, software and features are nearly identical, but the iPhone doar bring a proper 5 MPx rear-camera, while the one of this iPod Touch is more like a joke and a potential deal breaker for some. Still, it’s better than before, when there wasn’t any.

Mew apps and better gaming experience on the iPod Touch 4

Mew apps and better gaming experience on the iPod Touch 4

In terms of prices, the new iPod Touch 4G players will be offered in 3 different versions: 8 GB – $229 , 32 GB – $299 and 64 GB – $399 . You should also expect some discounts, but not too soon as this is a fresh product, but perhaps as winter sales period gets closer (best deals should be available around Cyber Monday 2010). You should notice that the prices aren’t bigger than before, for the 3rd generation iPod Touch, and that’s a great thing, considering the many improvements this series brings over.

Like I’ve said in the beginning, I’m actually impressed by the iPod Touch 4G. Better hardware, display, software and autonomy are the things I really appreciate, while those cameras add-ons aren’t bad either. So bad news for my Zune HD, your matchmaker just arrived and it kind of kicked your a*s .

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