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How to find Sony Vaio Drivers ?

I love Sony Vaio laptops. They all look great and are marvelous pieces of technology. They cost a lot too, but that’s another story 😛

However, there’s a bigger problem than this one: Sony delivers a CD with Sony Vaio drivers for their laptops only for an extra $64.99. That’s quite a lot for something that most of the producers offer for free. But, if you might have to reinstall your operating system on your laptop, you’ll definitely need those drivers. So, let’s see where you could find them online and preferably for free.

First of all, you should check if you have a recovery partition. To do that, you just go to your desktop: my computer > right click> manage > disk management . There should be a partition up to 4 or 5 GB with no drive letter. And this would help you get the drivers needed. From here on it’s self explanatory. This only works when the OS you’re installing is the same as the previous one.

But what if you had Vista and now you want XP? That’s the most common problem with Sony Vaio Drivers.

Let’s see. First stop should be this site. You just select you device and see if they have the drivers you need. In some cases though, they might not have your model. Or, if the laptop is new, they will only have drivers for Windows Vista. And, if it’s too old, they’ll give you drivers for Windows 2000 or something… So, although this option is worth trying, you might not get what you need from the official Sony support site.

You can go then to this other site . Chances are that if you did not find your laptop on the previous site, you’ll find it here. Just search for the exact model and hope they’ll have it. 😛 If they do, you might want to take your time, as download speed is insanely low (below 1kb/s for me). But you could be luckier than me and have a better connexion.

If you still did not manage to find the drivers you need for your Sony Vaio laptop, here comes the hard part. You have to go search them by hand. Let’s see you need a driver for a Lan device named Realtek F453HS . How do you know that’s the name of it? Cause you read the manual, noted the version number when you had the previous SO installed or used a program that would help you get drivers automatically (we’ll talk about this kind of programs later on). So, if you know the name of the device and the OS you’re having, just go on to Google and type: “Realtek F453HS driver for Windows XP” . You’ll probably end up with lots of results, you’ll just have to try them out and see which one of them works for you. If you’re scared of this hard work, you can always call your dealer and buy that $64.99 CD with drivers…

There are also solutions on the market that claim they can scan your device and find the best drivers available for it, like this one. They would cost you like 30-50 bucks though. You can install them for free and get them to scan you PC. You’ll see what kind of drivers they find and only if you wish to download them via this program, you’ll have to pay. I can’t give you any advice here. Sometimes they do find proper drivers, sometimes they don’t. If you have many laptops and you regularly change OS on them, buying such a software could be an option. Otherwise, you can just use the free part for finding out what kind of drivers you might need and search for them manually on Google. At least that’s what I do.

In the end, if none of these solutions worked for you, you’re doomed. You just have to buy that bloody CD from Sony with the required drivers for your Sony Vaio laptop. And next time, think ahead before buying a Vaio (kidding) 😛

That’s about it. Hope this was helpful in finding your drivers. If you have any questions, just post them via the form below.

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