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Top 10 Cool Christmas gadgets for men

All men need gadgets. That’s why I’ve put together this list with gadgets for men, especially since Christmas is coming by in just a month, and they might be a great gift idea for your beloved male friends. And I’m sure all of them will love having, if not all of these gadgets in the top, at least some of them.

Number 10 – Halo 3 – $59.99

We’re talking about a game here, but not every game, THE GAME. Halo 3 surpassed all the producers expectations when it was released earlier this year, being sold in millions of copies worldwide. Intense game-play, combined with astonishing graphics and an interesting storyline made Halo 3 a best seller. Pair it with a Halo 3 Special Edition Xbox 360 Elite (only works with these consoles), and you’ll see how a mere game can bring joy on a man’s face in just seconds…

Number 9 – Logitech FreePulse Wireless Headphone

A pair of wireless headphones offers a great amount of freedom, relieving your from the burden of wires. I own the Logitech FreePulse myself and they are great: incredible sound quality, cool design and decent 6-7 hours autonomy. I use them with my iPod where ever i go, and I’m more than happy with these gadgets for men. They work with the iPod Touch also, but unfortunately are not compatible with the iPhone…

Number 8 – Tissot Men’s PRC200 watch

This Tissot piece of machinery must be the best man’s watch I’ve seen in a while. Has lots of functions and comes with a great look. It would go great with an elegant suite, as it’s stylish and has a black leather belt. Yea, might seem a little bit expensive, but remember, it’s a Tissot, not every piece of junk you can get from a flea market… It’s durable, as is made from stainless steel, and once again, looks astonishing… I would really like this one as a Christmas present.

Number 7 – Asus EEE PC

Many say the Asus EEE PC is just a toy. I had one for a couple of days and i must say it’s a lot more than this. The EEE PC is the only portable laptop that comes with an affordable price. It is targeted to kids, but can be as well be used by men and women as a trip gadget. What can you do on a EEE PC? Well, everything, just name it: get on the Internet, watch movies, listen to music, write things, play games… I consider it to be the best gadget for a blogger and i’m going to buy one for sure in just a couple of weeks. How about you?

Number 6 – Philips Norelco Shaver

That’s a gadget every man should have: an electronic shaver. And Philips are the best in this domain. This model ain’t that expensive, and offers up to  50% more shaving surface for a faster, smoother, closer shave. So, you must like it. Can be cleaned under water, so it’s not just easy to use but also easy to maintain. Perfect Chistmas gadget gift for men.

Number 5 – Sony PlayStation 3

We all know that Sony PlayStation 3 is the best gaming platform out there. If you want to try Grand Turismo 5 or Grand Theft Auto 4, then you’ll need a PS3 for that. To put even more weight on this great offer, the console is offered with six Blu-ray movies as an extra. One of the is Spider-Man 3, while the other 5 can be chosen upon your own free will. So, what are you waiting for? It’s a bargain!

Number 4 – HTC Touch Cruise

The HTC Touch Cruise will become available later this month, just in time for Christmas. You should be expecting one gorgeous piece of equipment powered by Windows Mobile 6. That means you can get everything you want on your phone, from games to time planning applications. The gadget will feature TouchFlo user interface but I’m not sure how much will it cost. We’ll find out in a couple of days now…

Number 3 – 40″ Sony Bravia 1080p LCD TV

Since you’re going to play Halo 3 or watch Blu-ray Movies on your brand new Sony PlayStation 3, you will definitely need a good display too. And what could be better than a 40″ LCD TV from the Sony Bravia line, capable of Full HD resolutions? Especially when you can get it with a $300 discount nowadays from Amazon… Yeah, it still is a little expensive, but once you’ve seen a 1080p LCD in action, you’ll love it and do whatever it takes to get it in your living-room.

Number 2 – Sony Vaio SZ 13.3″ laptop

That’s the ultimate laptop for sure. For 2000 bucks you’ll get the best looking, powerful and portable 13.3″ notebook you’ll ever see. Trust me, i had one at work for a short time and… it’s amazing. Unfortunately in my country this gadget costs more than $3000 (taxes, transportation…) so i can’t really afford it yet. But the carbon fibre chassis, the ultra thin (4mm) LED screen, the powerfull configuration (Core 2 Duo CPU, 2 GB RAM, 160 BG HDD, 2 graphic cards, etc) and the prolonged autonomy (up to 5 hours) are definitely worth every penny. So, if you’re wondering what would i ask Santa… here it is: the Sony Vaio SZ notebook.

Number 1 – What’s your choice?

I could not decide on a number one gadget for men. So, it’s up to you to complete the number 1 spot. What gadget do you want the most for this Christmas? I’m really curious about your answers.

Later update: I have a couple of nominees, like a digital Kindle Reader or a portable mini notebook.

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