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Best iPod Touch cases – covers and cases for Apple iPod Touch

If you happen to own one of the hottest MP3 players of the moment, the Apple iPod Touch (either the first, second, third or the latest 4th generation), I’m sure you’re wondering what you should do to protect it from scratches, accidental shocks or dust as best as possible. I know, because I was wondering the same thing when i bought mine some time ago.

The answer is quite simple actually: dress it up with a brand new iPod Touch case from this collection bellow, that contains some of the nicest iPod covers I could find online. They’re gathered during my own search for a suitable cover that would fit the iPod Touch and i guarantee they are all top notch picks.

You will see a couple of black or brown leather classy iPod touch cases, but also some more everyday usage covers, like the Invisible Shield or the Belkin silicone cases. All of them will provide protection for your iPod Touch and won’t dig you a hole in your wallet either, as these iPod cases are quite affordable. After all, if you spent $300 – $400 for your MP3 player, you should definitely buy a suitable case for a mere 20 or 30 bucks, right?

I updated this post with some of the best cases available for the latest Apple iPod Touch and you are going to find a couple of things about those in the next paragraphs. However, I still kept a couple of good cover options for the older 2G/3G iPod Touch models as well, and you can see those towards the end of this post.

Cases and covers for the latest Apple iPod Touch

The protection accessories below are designed especially for the new 4th generation Touch and they will not work with the older versions, as the new one is slimmer. So please pay attention to descriptions before buying anything.

ZAGG Invisible Shield for Touch 4G – get the full body protection for only $24.99

The ZAGG Invisible Shield is not quite an iPod Touch case, but a thin film layer in which your iPod gets wrapped, that is durable and virtually scratch-proof. The unique thing about the Invisible Shield is that it is so thin that it’s almost invisible, thus protecting your gadget without adding any bulky extra layer to its sleek body.

Zagg Invisible Shield - invisible protection with lifetime warranty

Zagg Invisible Shield – invisible protection with lifetime warranty

Of course, it won’t protect your iPod from shocks like a rubber case will do, but it won’t be as bulky as one. And that’s why i like it: it’s a fancier and better looking way of protecting the iPod Touch.

The ZAGG Shield is not the most affordable of all such types of protections, but it is by far the most popular and the best. It’s made out of a military grade scratch-proof patented film and comes with lifetime warranty from the producer. So it must be good, ay?

Now, the ZAGG Shield actually comes in two parts to form a full body armor, with protection for the back and the front of your device. This one sells for $24.99 on (for the 4th generation Touch). But if you want to save some bucks, you can get only the protection for the display, for $14.99 (although i wouldn’t recommend it). Click the link for more details on this product, including a demo video to show you how tough this skin actually is.

Zagg’s InvisibleShield is still available for the older 2G/3G generation as well, and goes for similar prices as the new versions: $24.99 for the entire body protection, or $14.99 for only one of the two pieces. Details via this link.

The fancy Brown LeatherSkin from Zagg

The fancy Brown LeatherSkin from Zagg

Oh, and if you want an even fancier method of protecting you iPod Touch, there’s the Zagg LeatherSkin . This is a newer product and like the thin film above, it adheres to the device. But it looks a lot better, being made out of genuine leather (available in black or brown).

If you want another interesting protection option for the new Ipod Touch, i can also suggest the Zagg Skins, that can be easily customized with tons of graphic designs, including your own. Paired with a screen Shield, they can be very strong, and only cost $19.99 . See this link for the available designs and customization options.

And one more thing: you’ve noticed that all these Zagg accessories stick to the body of your iPod, so you might be worried they peel off (I know I was before buying them). Well, don’t, if you get them on properly, that will not happen (and there are videos on Zagg’s site to show you exactly how you should get these skins on). And it’s not just me telling that (based on my experience), but also thousands of others who bought them.

Splash Flip leather case with Clip for Touch 4G – discounted price

Splash Flip leather folio

Splash Flip leather folio

Not that many options for solid quality leather folios for the new Touch available on the market right now, but this is probably the best. You probably heard of Splash before, they are famous for their leather accessories, and this case manages to bring looks and quality together.

Of course, it’s not ultra fancy: just soft Napa black leather for the exterior and a soft interior, plus a belt clip and easy access to all ports and connectors on your player.

All these for a decent price of around 40 bucks, but the good news is that you can find it with a nice discount on Amazon, for only $14.95. No wonder the case its quite popular there, and also considering the nice reviews it scored with those who already own it, I consider it a worthy option these days.

Otterbox Defender rugged case for iPod Touch 4G – 40% price cut

If you’re looking for a solid case for your iPod Touch 4G, one rougher add tougher than most protection accessories out there, you’ll hardly find anything better than the Otterbox Defender.

This one will protect you player from bumps, shocks, dust and scratches. Exterior is in fact a 3-layer silicone plate, while the screen is covered by a thin-film protector which is actually included in the pack. Plus, you get unrestricted access to all buttons and connectors, but this case does not come with covers for those as it is not meant to defend your iPod Touch from water damage. So be careful about that.

All this protection makes the Defender a little bulky, but you can probably get passed this aspect when you’ll find the amazing price available for this case online, starting at $24.99 with Shipping included. And you get to choose from a bunch of different color options.

Also, if you can’t get along with the bulkiness, there’s the Commuter case from Otterbox you should also check out, which offers also solid protection, but in a slightly slimmer body. And it’s a bit cheaper as well.

Otterbox Defender - the ultimate protector for your iPod Touch

Otterbox Defender – the ultimate protector for your iPod Touch

Tuneband for the new iPod Touch – click for details

Tuneband for iPod Touch

Tuneband for iPod Touch

If you like to listen to music or podcasts when jogging, like I do, than you should have a proper armband case for your iPod Touch. One of the most appreciated these days, if not the most, is the Tuneband from Grantwood Technology.

On a first looks, there’s nothing special about this iPod accessory, but unlike most such units on the market, this one is slightly different designed. What you get is a standard silicone case you can use everyday, with a thin film protector included as well. But you also get an adjustable armband with a velcro closing system and you can securely attach the case to this band when you want to. So you can consider the Tuneband a multipurpose iPod Touch case.

That, its reliability and the good price tag make this one so popular and appreciated, and for good reasons we can say. See this link for more pictures, reviews from buyers and the option to buy one if you want to.

Incipio DermaSHOT for the newest iPod Touch – available in a bunch of colors

Incipio dermaSHOT for iPod Touch 4G

Incipio dermaSHOT for iPod Touch 4G

The DermaSHOT is one of the most famous rubber cases for the iPhone and it is now available for the new Touch as well. It fits the device snugly and protects it from drops and shocks, without adding to much to its sleek shape.

It is available in a couple of different colors, with prices starting from around 13 bucks, all with decent discounts. And it also managed to score high marks with previous buyers, so as long as you know what to expect from such a cover, you will be for sure satisfied with it.

Of course, it does not offer screen protection, so it will be wise to pair it with a display guard as well.

Accessories bundle for the new Touch – good value for money

Accessories Bundle from Digital On Demand

Accessories Bundle from Digital On Demand

If you need a bunch of accessories for you 4G iPod Touch but don’t feel like spending hundreds of bucks on them, this bundle from Digital On Demand might be what you need.

You get 15 different pieces, including 4 cases (clear, silicone, rubber and faux leather), screen protector, a carrying pouch , a couple of different cables and adapters and other useful stuff. See this link for the complete description.

I do have to add that this bundle only costs 30 bucks, which is the same as a premium case. So, do not expect top quality, although those who already bought this bundle gave it good reviews and marks, and that’s what made me include it in here.

That’s it for now, but expect more cases to pop up soon. In the meantime, you can also check out this collection of iPod Touch covers from, as they usually have the best prices for such accessories.

Protection options for the older 2G/3G iPod Touch players

The covers below are designed for the older generation 2G or 3G Touch and will be too loose for the new 4G Touch, thus not recommended for it.

DLO HipCase premium leather folio

This one is a fancy, fashion-inspired leather case that suits perfectly your iPod Touch’s interior, with a flippable front cover. Protects the device from scratches, dust and even minor shocks, and you can wear it in your bag or in your pocket. Plus, it looks astonishing in the meantime.

This iPod Touch case even has slots for easier access to controls and dock connectors, and comes in a black genuine leather finish.

At the moment, the DLO HipCase Folio is one of the most successful cases for the iPod Touch, being present on the market since the first generation appeared and then updated and improved for the later ones. It usually retails for around $30, and that’s a great price considering the looks and the quality if offers.

DLO HipCase Folio - fancy and reliable, but with a good price also (only $17.99, with 40% discount)

DLO HipCase Folio – fancy and reliable, but with a good price also

Otterbox Defender for iPod Touch – available for iPod Touch 2G/3G

If you’d ask me, Otterbox is the best cases manufacturer at the moment, simply because they make the the most sturdy and reliable such protection accessories. And yes, they might be a little bit more expensive than others, but all the good marks and reviews received from owners prove that the extra bucks spent are well worth it.

The Otterbox Defender is what they have to offer for the iPod Touch family and I absolutely love it, as it manages to provide very good protection against shocks, drops, dust and scratches, without being bulky or bad looking.

The front part consists of a durable thin film meant to protect the screen and the rest is made out of black silicone with extra toughened corners. Of course this case allows aces to all the functions and buttons of your Touch, so once you get it on, you will never have to get it off. Pay attention to one thing though: this is not a waterproof case, so be careful in rainy or wet conditions.

As extra proof of how good this cover actually is, Otterbox offers for the Defender lifetime warranty.

Otterbox Defender case with lifetime warranty - pricey, but just the best

Otterbox Defender case with lifetime warranty – pricey, but just the best

Also, if you found none of the above good enough, you should also check out these other protection iPod Touch 2G/3G options i find pretty interesting:

  • Belkin Fastfit Sports Armband – suitable for sports and outdoor activities, it is one of the best Armbands on the market. Made by Belkin, thus a testimony to its quality, it comfortable attaches to your arm with a VELCRO band (thus will fit different arm sizes) and snugly holds the iPod Touch inside, protecting it from sweat, shocks and dust. Also comes with a special pocket for storing headphones when not using them.
  • 14 items Bundle from CrazyOnDigital – comes with 15 different accessories, including 5 different cases (made ot leather, plastic or silicone), USB cable, car/wall charger, screen protectors, FM transmitter and others. Click the link for more details.
  • Speck CandyShell case for iPod Touch 2G/3G – available in many colors – with a rubberized exterior and a thin film screen protector, the Speck CandyShell is one of the most popular covers for the iPod Touch, with excellent reviews and marks from other buyers. And now it is also discounted, so you’d better check it out.
Speck CandyShell -glossy candy looks, in many flavours

Speck CandyShell – glossy candy looks, in many flavors

Final words

Of course, there are other cases for your iPod Touch also, but these are the ones I found most interesting. I’ve tried to pick cases from different classes, which could cover the needs and budget of most people. Also, I’ve tried covering only cases that would fit the latest generations of the Apple player. Once again, this is not a top, but a list of devices i looked at when i had to choose my iPod Case. In the end, i went for the Zagg Shields and the DLO Hip Case, but also got a Defender i use when going hiking or snowboarding.

Of course, if you haven’t found anything you liked here or have an older Apple Touch, you might find something interesting in this big collection of cases, all with pictures, reviews and good prices.

With the 4G iPod fresh on the market, other cases should pop up in the next weeks and months, so stay tuned for updates of this post.

We also have other posts about great iPod cases, accessories and covers and with things you will need for your iPhone too, so if you found our collection of iPod Touch cases useful, you might want to check them out also. You can find them via the links bellow.

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    I purchased the Zagg InvisibleShield. After the usual struggles aligning it, it looks as if there’s no cover. The assets:
    1. Thin profile is identical to the Touch.
    2. Excellent protection against grease-marks on the screen.
    3. Surface is impervious to scratches or scuffs.

    It does not have protection against droppage, and there’s still a possibility of a screen cracking in a bad accident. I don’t plan to drop it, so that’s not an issue for me. If I were paranoid, I’d probably pick the Naked case, which is completely covered in plastic – but allows allows touch control to work.

  10. Mike D says:

    There’s quite a large variety of different style handmade cases with different woods – from mahogany,

    The handmade, custom wood ipod cases add a touch of class and are a unique way to protect your investment in an ipod touch or iphone.

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    For durable, shock-resistant cases, check out Otter Box. Their not in China, but Ft. Collins, CO. $35 for Ipod Touch.

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    The Belkin case is the best case if you want a thin case

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    I have the DLO softshell case. Slim and stylish. Works for both sexes. Wont break. Not bulky nor does it attract lint. I’m dissapointed it did not make the list.

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    Is there a case (other than the otter box) that covers up the holes on the iPod so stuff doesn’t get under the screen?

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    The Speck Candy Shell has to be the best overall, can’t go wrong, I have dropped my iPod Touch on asphalt and works just fine.

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    Are you sure the otterbox defender case for ipod touch 2g/3g has a lifetime warranty and how did you confirm this? did otterbox tell you this??

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    That’s what they say in their ads…

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    is there any ‘rasta-fied’ reggea style ipod touch case/cover?

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    I have a new iPod Touch 4G and would like a case with a tether(cord) or place to attach a cord, like my camera case has. I would like to hang it around my neck so I don’t lose my $300 32GB gadget. It would have been a nice touch for Apple to have provided a small opening in the case for this purpose. Many devices have such an opening.


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    hey dude can you make a list of ipod touch 4g cases

  26. Mike says:

    Working on this right now

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    Do you think the Ipod Touch 4th G would fit in the Splash Flip Leather Case if you first covered it with the Zagg Full-Body Invisible shield? My reason for wanting both cases: I’d like the shock-resistance of the leather case for carrying, but I plan to use the Touch with a tripod occasionally and I assume that I’d have to take it out of the Flip Leather Case in order to do that. Also, I assume that the Flip Case doesn’t have a screen-protector film included, so I’d at least have to get the !4.99 screen shield anyway.But if it would fit in the Splash, I’d just as soon get the full-body shield.
    Jim R.

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